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A router has a lot more capabilities than other network devices, such as a hub or a switch that are only able to perform basic network functions. without any errors.

About Routers

Before we delve into the world of routers, you need to understand what a broadband connection is and how it works. According to, broadband is "a high-speed, high-capacity transmission medium that can carry signals from multiple independent network carriers. This is done on a single coaxial or fiber-optic cable by establishing different bandwidth channels. Broadband technology can support a wide range of frequencies. It is used to transmit data, voice and video over long distances simultaneously." Routers take information that arrives through your broadband signal via a modem, decipher it, and deliver it to your computer. The router will also choose the best route for the data packet so that you receive the information quickly. Many different types of routers have been developed so that the information coming over your broadband connection can be sent to a variety of different receivers including your computer, your phone, and others.

Why Would I Need a Router?

For most home users, they may want to set-up a LAN (local Area Network) or WLAN (wireless LAN) and connect all computers to the Internet without having to pay a full broadband subscription service to their ISP for each computer on the network. In many instances, an ISP will allow you to use a router and connect multiple computers to a single Internet connection and pay a nominal fee for each additional computer sharing the connection. This is when home users will want to look at smaller routers, often called broadband routers that enable two or more computers to share an Internet connection. Within a business or organization, you may need to connect multiple computers to the Internet, but also want to connect multiple private networks — and these are the types of functions a router is designed for.

Our Routers Service Features

  • Diagnose the cause of errors on your Router
  • Install patches and updates to repair errors
  • Install our remote backup software and secure your data online on our secure servers
  • Repair any errors you have on your Routers hardware
  • Recommend new tools to increase your efficiency with your every day work
  • Cloud storage for your important files and folders
  • System Optimization to work router properly.
  • We provide a better solution of any error occures in routers

Your System Uptime Assurance Plan Includes

  • 24/7 unlimited on demand of Router Solutions with our expert technicians
  • Cloud storage for your important files and folders
  • System Optimization software to ensure your routers work properly
  • Set up of new technology Routers

We Support All Types of Router Software

  • SMART WI-FI ROUTERS software Monitor and control your network Anytime Anywhere.
  • Celerway Router Software Faster and more reliable Internet made easy and affordable
  • A core router software is a router software in a computer network that routes data within a network, but not between networks.
  • Edge routers software
  • Virtual router software
  • Core router software techniques.

How to choose best Router

  • Choice of speed
  • Best software tools
  • Types band singal or Dual
  • Selection of crystal view router
  • Use of router as repeater
  • Recent technology Routers


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