Every business in today’s advanced environments needs to be tech-savvy, and this might incur a significant drain on the financial resources if the need becomes too heavy. To move into such a sphere involves considerable risk that needs to be identified and mitigated appropriately. A slight mistake can render the whole setup ineffective, and counter-productive. IT project Engagement models "Fisherlife" S.R.L. realized the gravity and implications of such business scenarios, and offers solutions whereby you can leverage upon its expert talent and resource pool carefully cultivated and harnessed. Exbss goes beyond normal cost-cutting outsourcing to provide you with cutting-edge quality in delivering the IT services to your business and your clients. The integrated and sophisticated IT systems and solutions developed by Exbss are offered to you in a variety of engagement models, suiting your business objectives to channelize these for growth. In other words, online marketing is a technology that helps to keep in touch via Internet with the targeted customers by connecting through company product or services offerings. It is a mixture of internet related activities that targets the right audience directly or indirectly.

As Exbss’s expert teams collaborate with you to understand and evaluate your project requirements, complexities and the volatility, the personalized analysis enables us to present you with the appropriate engagement model as a starting point, while detailing on its evolution in the later stages. While the solution proposed to you is customized, it will be a combination of the following three extremities which move from a low involvement - low control mode to very high involvement - very high control mode. These are:

What we do

  • Full-time Dedicated Deployment
  • Exbss will provide you with dedicated team of full-time employees based out of its offshore development center. Here, you can choose to start off by engaging a single professional and then scale up to a full-fledged development and QA team.

  • Fixed Budget Deployment
  • As Exbss gains ample clarity about the project’s scope and requirement, the fixed budget model is proposed thereby providing you with a predictable budget and lower risk.

  • Time & Material Deployment
  • This model provides you with the maximum flexibility as the costs and schedule vary depending on the project complexity and your specific requirements. You can also make substantial revisions during the project development stage.